Do knowledge library items have a History and can I revert to a prior version of a knowledge library response?

Yes, your knowledge library items have a History, an audit trail of their own!

  • Do you simply want to review any changes to a knowledge library item?
  • Do you need to revert a response back to how it was in a previous version?
  • Have you mistakenly done a Find and Replace of text that you did not mean to?
You can do and fix all of that!

Go into an individual item and go into the History tab:

When in the Compare Version split-screen, the Selected Version on the left is your current version of your response and on the right defaults to the last version which is also your current version. You can click on the drop-down and see the various dates, timestamps and the User that had created or last modified the user.

You can also see the changes denoted with red and crossed out text for the removed and then green underlined text for the text that was added between each of the versions.

When you have the Version you prefer you can either close if you are content with its contents or you can choose the REVERT TO PRIOR VERSION button.

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