What do I need to know about Find & Replace?

Find and Replace is case sensitive and will also replace letters that match within words

What does this all mean?

Case Sensitive: 
Find will look for the exact word case that you type in: 
  • If you type: "RFP360" expect only "RFP360" to be replaced while it will not find: "rfp360" or "Rfp36-" It does not matter the word. If you type "David", "David" will be replaced and not "david"
It will also Find and Replace within words:
  • If you find "The" and replace it with "A". All of the "There" words will become "Are" because "The" is inside of the word "[The]re".

Our Recommendation:

Only use Find and Replace on small amounts of Knowledge Base items by checking a few boxes to use this Bulk Action on and not selecting all that are displayed. This will keep you from having to go through a manual process of undoing any work - especially in the beginning.

Need to learn more about how to use the Knowledge Base Find and Replace option, check out this link.

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