How do I mention someone within the scoring page for a particular question?

Need someone on your team to review a particular response that you are scoring? Trigger an email message and link to that particular point within RFP365 where mentions are available.

This is available within an RFP or Profiles Vendor Scoring.

Here is a high level flow on how to get there and use mentions in scoring. 
  1. Go to the RFP/Profile
  2. Enter the Dashboard
  3. Select Score RFP/Vendor Profile
  4. Select a particular Section
  5. Select a particular Question/Response 
  6. Internal Notes
  7. Your Note field 
  8. "@" mention someone on your team
  9. Save Note
After choosing the RFP/Profile from the list page you will be brought into the Dashboard page as you should be very familiar with by now.

Once there, you can begin to type out your note for that particular question/response. Just go into your Internal Notes "Your Note" field and you can mention a teammate by typing "@" to trigger a list of Users from a drop-down like this (see #4). When complete with your note be sure to SAVE YOUR NOTE in order to shoot off an email notification to your mentioned user(s).

(Up above includes original high-level flow between #4-#9, but for simplicity in this screenshot we have it reset the numbering between #1-#5) 

Team Notes will collect down below in the Notes section like this example below:

An email will land in the inbox of the mentioned user that looks like this and will take them into the scoring page.

Note: View My Comment does not currently have a Direct/Permalink into the exact section/question and this will most certainly be improved over time to .

For more information on where mentions can be used for issuers, check out this article:

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