How do I mention someone on my team to review our vendor information?

Need someone on your team to review something about a particular vendor? Trigger an email message and link to that particular point within RFP360 where mentions are available.

This is available within a Vendor Notes.
  1. You can get there by going to your Vendors 
  2. Select Companies 
  3. Select the [Specific] Company (1)
  4. Choose Vendors Notes (2)
  5. Begin to type "@" then... (3)
  6. Select the user from the drop-down that you wish to notify... and complete your message (4)

Once you SAVE YOUR NOTE It will get attributed down below in the Recent Notes like this:

And the mentioned user(s) will end up receiving an email that looks like this that will end up taking them to the Vendor Notes page:

For more information on where mentions can be used for issuers, check out this article:

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