What can I do with the text editor?

In March of 2018, we moved from one text editor to another.

These are the areas that are new or that should be a better user experience:

Cleaner user interface and overall a better Copy/Paste experience with the ability to clean up formatted text from Word/Excel.

Check out our Help Article: How do I format text with the new text editor?
  1. Font Size
  2. Font Color*
  3. Background Color*
  4. Paragraph - Heading 4
  5. Justified Alignment
  6. Indent [Increase/Decrease]
Check out our Help Article: Adding images, attachments, tables & more with the new text editor.
  1. Images:
    Replace, Align, Remove, Insert Link, Display, Style, Alternate Text, Change Size
  2. Videos:
    Replace, Remove, Display, Align, Change Size
  3. Tables:
    Table Header, Remove Table, Insert or Delete Row/Column, Table Style, Merge/Split Cells, Cell Background, Vertical/Horizontal Align, Cell Style
At the start of each return or line break, a "+" Quick Insert option will appear to the left of the Text Field. 

Once you press the "+" you will be presented with these quick insert options:
Insert an Image, Video, Table, Unordered/Ordered List or a Line.
All of these are now possible without scrolling back up to the Text Editor toolbar.

  1. Special Characters:
    Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Punctuation, Currency, Arrows, Math, & Misc.
  2. Select All
  3. Clear Formatting
  4. Character Count on the bottom right
  • Updated with a cleaner look that has numbered lines, colors, and a white background.
These areas stayed nearly the same:
  1. Bold, Italicize, Underline
  2. Paragraph Format
  3. Horizontal Line
  4. Undo/Redo
  5. Fullscreen
  6. Placeholder
Areas that have been removed:
  1. Tracking the number of words has been replaced with tracking the number of characters at the bottom right.
  2. Quotation formatting from the Paragraph Formatting drop-down
*Known Areas for Improvement:
  • Font Color and Background Color will not be transferred from the Proposal to the Knowledge Base

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