How do I format text with the new text editor?

Formatting text with the new editor is similar to the old version, with some expanded capabilities. For example, you can still Bold, Italicize and Underline text.

You can also create numbered and bulleted lists, and align your text left, center or right.

Here's what's new! You can now:

1. Change the font size and color of your text.

2. Add Headings.

3. Indent or decrease the indentation of your paragraphs.

4. Add special characters.

5. Select all of your text and/or clear the formatting.

6. Track the number of characters that you have used in each response.

Current Limitations: Any colors applied to responses while you are working in the proposal itself do not get saved to the Knowledge Base. In order for the color to be saved in the Knowledge Base and used in a proposal, the color must be applied to the text in the Knowledge Base. This is something that we will continue to improve upon in the future.


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