What is new in my RFP/Profile Scoring By Vendor page?

Your view into your scoring pages has been cleaned up. Other than the redesign of the look here and throughout the system... You will notice a few enhancements within the Score By Section you will now notice: 
  • The ability to Score from the By Section view without going into the View Details pop-up modal.
  • Indicators that are highlighted with colors when there are: Internal Notes (green chat bubble), Negotiation (red warning icon), or Scoring Help Text (orange question mark). Click on them for a preview of the content. These indicators/icons will be grayed out when there are none. To add Internal Notes (any scorer) or a Negotiation (POC-only) go into View details pop-up modal for that specific response.
  • A frozen pane of the Vendor Names to better allow for your scrolling down into long sections.
  • Status indicator dots up by Vendor Names that give you an idea whether or not vendors have submitted or when they have last updated. Just hover over them to expose the related date/time for each.
  • We are now also showing the number of questions that are in each particular Section in the RFP Sections sidebar i.e. Section 5, Warranties and Representations (5) = 5 questions

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