How do I keep my Knowledge Filter set across a Proposal?

Once you have selected a Question in your Proposal, your Knowledge Base will be searched for what the system believes is the most relevant content for you.

However, for those with larger Knowledge Bases there can be ways in which you can improve your finding and using of Knowledge. If you select the gear/filter icon to the right of the search field, you will expose a view you are likely familiar with.

You can narrow down your search by a dozen different criteria:
Tags, Proposal/Profile, Review Date, Reviewer, Review State, Created Date, Modified Date, Times Used, Created By, Last Modified By, Accounts, Exclude search results form this proposal

1) Press the Filter/Gear Icon to expose the KB filter pop-up.
2) Select from the 12 various sorting options.
3) *If you prefer to have the filter persist for a few questions, a section or a full Proposal, we would recommend setting this to Apply to Proposal. 

Be sure to press "Filter Results" when you have completed

4) *If you need to clear the filter to get back to the simpler of queries, then press the Clear button.
5) You will notice that when you have applied a filter the red gear icon will be "red" when the KB has been filtered.

* = New features

This "sticky" filter is only at each individual proposal at each individual user's level. The filter you make, only you can see. Additionally, we would like to point out that these filters will last the duration of a "session". That means that after a couple hours of use (or no use) and if you logout and log back in the filter will Clear itself automatically.

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