I am have been asked, I am an expert. What do I need to do?

Congratulations, you are an expert!

Likely, someone from your proposal team or very close to you has asked for your expertise in an area of the business that you know very well.

Go through the fields/responses that you are able to answer:
  • Required: Full Name
  • Optional: Response(s) into the open text field: "Click to write response", there are other response types that you may experience additional response options like:

    List Drop-Downwhich is the second most likely option 

    Lesser likely options include: 

    Table - could include text, drop-down, date or number response options in cells
    Date - type in or choose via the calendar pop-up
    File attachment(s) - choose a file to send over,  
    Number - choose a number and only a number, or
    Scale, typically 0-10 are the default options.

  • Optional: "Note" that the proposal team will be able to have more context for you answer or be able to ask for clarification. Although, it may be best to send over an email to the POC to ensure that they see your response clearer.
This is an example of what you could see or are seeing:

[Insert image example... it's coming we promise]

If you do not believe you were the appropriate person to answer these questions, please let the original sender, asker if you will, know that they should reach out to someone else.

Note: You are an expert in your line of work. If you receive these asks very often, you should ask your point of contact if you should have further user access to RFP365.


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