How do I submit a proposal after the due date?

RFP360 provides the opportunity for you to submit your completed responses to a proposal after its due date has passed. 

IMPORTANT: In order to submit a past due proposal, the proposal must be 100% completed. If the proposal is less than 100% complete, you will not have the option to submit. 

Follow these steps to submit your past due proposal:
  1. In the proposal, navigate to the Outline tab
  2. Click "No Bid" at the top of the screen
  3. Enter an optional message to send to the RFP Issuer with your past due submission
  4. Click "Send This Request"
  5. Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation screen that states "Your late Proposal submission has been requested." 

PLEASE NOTE: It is up to the discretion of the RFP Issuer to accept or reject tardy proposal submissions. If the RFP Issuer does choose to accept the late submission, the proposal will be moved directly into the scoring phase upon acceptance. Please reach out to the RFP Issuing Point of Contact with any questions. 

Are you an RFP Issuer that needs to know how to accept or reject a late proposal submission? Click here to learn more. 

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