How do Key Phrases work within my Proposal Outline?

Key phrases are RFP360's artificial intelligence (AI) tool for providing you robust knowledge base search results.

Your search results will now be more relevant as you fill out your Proposal – resulting in saved time and providing higher quality responses.

Key phrases populate when content is added to your Knowledge Base. This occurs when you set your Proposal Settings to Write approved responses to the KB, set the Save to Knowledge Base toggle to YES for a Section or Question, create new content from the Knowledge Base search/list page – and/or – Upload your Knowledge Base.

When you are in the Proposal Outline you will note that the Knowledge Base responses in the right action panel will have more relevance to the Question that you have selected.

Additionally, when you select the bulk auto-answer tool, KnowlEDGE, you will see this feature's accuracy and the beneficial increased time savings.

  • Knowledge Base search from the search/list page of KB items will not be affected by key phrases. However, you are able to make manual changes either adding or removing key phrases. Here's more info on where this is and how to do this.
  • This feature is, by default, turned off for invited vendors (i.e. non-paying accounts). Speak to your sales contact for more information.

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