How do I submit my proposal response to the Approver?

Proposal Workflow Statuses and Passing Tasks Back & Forth Between the Writer and Approver

While working a proposal, responses go through various statuses as they are written, re-written, and finalized. Here is a key for the different statuses you may encounter:
  1. "NS" (not started)
  2. "IP" (in progress)
  3. "PA" (pending approval)
  4. "R" (rejected)  OR "A" (approved)

How do I submit responses to the assigned Approver? 

As the assigned Writer, select 'Save & Complete' when you have finished writing your response. This will pass the task to the assigned Approver and they will be notified via email that your responses have been submitted for approval.

Once you have clicked 'Save & Complete' you will see the"NS" (not started) or "IP" (in progress) status icon change to "PA" (pending approval). 

If the assigned Approver rejects your response, you'll be notified via email and the status icon will update to "R" (rejected). The task will be passed back to the assigned Writer to update the response and re-submit for approval. 

When you've updated your response, the new assigned Approver will again be notified to approve it and the status icon will update to "PA" (pending approval). 

Once the Approver approves the final response, the status icon will change to "A" (approved).

NOTE: If you are both the Writer and Approver, the status icon will update to "A" (approved) immediately upon selecting 'Save & Complete'. 

To view the overall progress for Writers and Approvers for the proposal, select the Dashboard option in the blue navigation menu.  

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