How do I import knowledge from prior Word proposals?

Populating your knowledge base now comes with more options on how you add content.

You can still enter it one-by-one through manually adding knowledge, upload it through an Excel template or now the newest way with importing prior answered Proposals (Word Document) from outside of RFP360.

We will focus on the Importing of Existing Knowledge:

You can now take the contents from past Proposals and upload them, select the desired questions/responses that you wish to have come into your Knowledge Base and then Import them in.

From your Knowledge Base Search/List page, press the 'Add Content' button.

You will be presented with the Add New Content page where you can go through and

The first screen you will be presented with is the Knowledge Base Import 3 step process. You will start by selecting "Let's Get Started."

Step 1) Upload file

Importing an existing Proposal (.docx) into the system begins by Uploading the document.

1) Press Upload Your File and Select your .docx file
2) Allow it to be Uploaded, Parsed and Converted
3) Once at 100% press on Next >

Step 2: Select + Confirm

Note: Tour the page by pressing the Tour button at the top right of the page if you'd like to get a full idea of how to navigate the page.

Selecting Knowledge Base content

Selectable area
Is where you are able to interact with the actual text. No further left or right of the line itself. Interact with it by pressing on a line itself or holding down your left click and dragging.

Choose Question/Response/Undo
– Click
– Drag to Select Multiple Lines of text
– Undo

Pro-Tip: You can also utilize "hotkeys" upon selecting by pressing on the 'Q' or 'R' key to toggle between the two options if you are bringing in multiple lines of Question w/o Responses or you are extending the length of the Response text you are bringing in.

Select Multiple Lines
Press and drag your selection down (or up) to select your desired Question/Response. You will see an orange box that will extend as far as the content you wish to bring into your Knowledge Base.

Edit your selections and text

Edit Button

If you need to change content form Question to Response or vice versa. Or you can Undo your selection all together.

Add/Remove Text In-line
Press edit and you can add/remove content inline.

Minimize Action Panel
If you need more space from left to right you can minimize the right action panel.

Validate and Review page

Will follow on the next page. Here you can Review all of the contents that you have selected. Then you can confirm and submit them into your Knowledge Base.

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