Best practices when it comes to managing my Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base can simplify the RFP process by keeping crucial information in one easy-to-access location — but proper setup and maintenance are key. Below are tips to better manage your knowledge base content, empowering your organization to more effectively and quickly handle RFP responses.

Tips for managing content

Setting reviewers to look over Knowledge Base records is great to ensure the information that writers are picking from your library are always relevant. 

Continuously Review content

As your organization grows certain responses will become dated. Establish a process where subject matter experts (SMEs) review content on an ongoing basis by setting a review cycle — for example, quarterly or annually — to ensure accuracy. 

PRO TIP: Ensure SMEs and stakeholders with a high level of expertise have the ability to edit, update, and delete knowledge base content – and are held accountable to make updates on a consistent basis. This will help preserve the integrity of your data. 

Tips for managing reviewers

A very important exercise is to make sure all entries have reviewers. One way to easily see those records that still need someone assigned to them is by sorting by 'No Reviewer' in the Action Menu. 

Assigning in bulk

To assign multiple entries at once, there's the ability to assign reviewers in bulk from the Knowledge Base Bulk Actions heading. First, select the items you want to set (by checking the box next to the item), then look at the Bulk Actions drop-down to configure picking a user, date, and frequency. 

Quickly identifying out-of-date content

Outdated content in your Knowledge Base is not just a pain, it is a liability. Using Modified Date to identify content that hasn't been updated in a while on a quarterly basis will help keep information that latest and greatest.

Pick a date in history and filter down on the content modified before that date. You can pair this with another filter (like a filter by Tag) if you have too many to manage at once.

Reviewing the history of content

I like to also look at who edited content and when. So the tab called History shows this. 

There's a little icon next to the header on the edit/update where you can compare the current version to the previous versions. This is very helpful to see exactly what has been changed, by whom and when. Providing you with more visibility into your team involvement in RFP360! 

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