How do I export my Proposal?

Our Export page has recently gone through some major changes and now you have more options than ever before! 

You can export your Proposal at any time. Some wait until all of the responses are completed and approved, but you can export a draft if you'd like. 
Note: If the RFP was created in RFP360, you can just hit the submit button. But if the RFP came from an external source, you can export and finish off the proposal in the application of your choice. 
When viewing a proposal, along the header is an Export button. When you click on Export, you will see a few choices you have for the format and you’ll see the export history.

You have many choices such as Word or Excel, or, if you used our Word or PDF upload and input your client's original document, back out into their Original version.

The Export button is always present when you're in your Proposal, up in the top upper-right hand corner, up by your Dashboard and other handy navigation options. 

Once clicked, your Export page will display any prior exports you've done, now with their format (Word, Excel) displayed, with time and date stamps.  If you've never done an export before it will give you the option to start a new one. 

If you choose Word, the zip file will include the Microsoft Word version and any attachments that were included in the responses (pictures, files, etc.)

Original Word or PDF Import
If you uploaded your client's Word or PDF document directly into RFP360, then your export will be in its original version and include all your input.  It will also include any attachments in your .zip file as well. 

If you choose Excel, the zip file will include the Microsoft Excel version (Sections, Questions, Responses in separate columns). The zip file will also contain any attachments that were included in the responses (pictures, files, etc.).

If you’ve copied in your RFP numbering, or you don’t need the numbering, you can turn off the auto-numbering in the export. Just uncheck the box before you hit the Export button. 

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