What is an account hierarchy?

Account hierarchies are important if you need to partition projects, users, or re-usable content (proposal knowledge or RFP libraries). 

This feature is geared towards large companies with multiple divisions, global locations and differing languages organizations with distinct product lines, or firms that consult with individual clients. 

Hierarchy Overview

Hierarchies are great for keeping projects, users, and content separate. If you are a large company with many divisions, you can create sub-accounts for each business unit…or solution area. RFP360 is different from other RFP management platforms by offering account hierarchy features. 

Hierarchy for Divisions

If your company has multiple divisions, such as geographically separate groups, hierarchies can help you localize projects and users. You can create RFPs, proposal, users, and content at the Master account level. This content will be accessible to all sub-accounts. 

If you want to localize content, setup sub-accounts for each division or operating group. Users in each of these sub-accounts cannot see the activity in their sibling sub-accounts. 

In this example, users, projects (RFPs or proposal), and knowledge will be partitioned from the European and North American users. And you can make additional sub-accounts for product lines or other organizational groups within those sub-accounts. The hierarchy just keeps going. But you can look up and down the ‘tree’, just not side-to-side. So a European user can be completely partitioned from the North American sub-account. 

Hierarchy for Consultants

Are you a consultant who helps clients write RFPs or craft proposals? If so, you can create a hierarchy structure to keep client work separate. When you set up clients as users in sub-accounts, they cannot see activity in other client accounts. So you can create/manage RFPs for your procurement clients or create separate knowledge library if you are a professional proposal-writer. 

Knowledge Management with Hierarchies

Let’s you have some hierarchies for your marketing teams around the world. You can create proposal knowledge in a sub-account for, say, the US operations. When you create a proposal in that US sub-account, the search engine will search for content in the knowledge library of that sub-account, and sub-accounts under your account, and your master account. 

We call this searching ‘up and down the tree’. But your search will not include content from your sibling sub-accounts. So you won’t find any results from your European marketing counterparts. 

User Control with Hierarchies

Lastly, your users have restrictions when you use the hierarchy feature of RFP360. As a master account user, you can look down into the activity of your sub-accounts and navigate into any of the sub-accounts. But a user tied to a specific sub-account cannot navigate up or side-ways to a sibling account. 

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