How will my RFP or Profile look to respondents?

At anytime, you can view your RFP as your respondents will view them. Maybe you'd like to see how and where they're going to put their responses, or what their options are when you use different types of responses like drop-down lists, tables etc. 

From your RFP/Profile Dashboard, click on the greyView or Write tile (text depends on the status and phase of your RFP). 

Once your RFP opens up,  look for the Vendor Preview  toggle at the top of your Sections on the left hand side of the page.  The Vendor Preview option can be turned on at any time during the writing and approving process of your RFP or Profile.  When you click on the toggle you have your choice of ON or OFF. 

When the toggle button is turned to ON, the view will appear like this: You'll be able to see the Text Editor or Tables or Drop-Downs as you've specified. 

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