What are tags and why would I use them?

What is a tag?

Tags are a way of assigning keywords or terms to classify and categorize your database in RFP360.

The tags you create and assign are only visible within your account and are not displayed to those you issue or respond to. 

Why would I use a tag?

Utilizing tags across your account allows you to keep your content organized, helps you find information quickly using filters and search, and can aid in keeping your Vendor and Contact information up-to-date.

By using tags, you and your team can locate information in a swift and efficient manner when responding to or issuing proposals, questionnaires, and profiles.

Essentially, tags help with database management. 

You may want to tag content to denote things such as market segment, product line, type of customer, division of the company that owns the content, etc. 

What things can I tag?

For RFP Respondents, you can tag:
  • Proposals
  • Profiles
  • Knowledge Base entries
For RFP Issuers, you can tag:
  • Vendors (Companies and Contacts)
  • Clients (Companies and Contacts)
  • RFPs
  • RFP Library (RFP Templates, Sections, Lists, and Tables)

DOs and DON'Ts of tagging:

  • DO tag all Knowledge Base entries with 1-4 tags per record
  • DO establish 30-50 common tags across the organization to collectively use
  • DO make the established list of tags available to all users to prevent the creation of duplicate tags
  • DON'T use overly specific tags on Knowledge Base entries
  • DON'T add 5+ tags to Knowledge Base entries
  • DON'T create hundreds of tags
  • DON'T duplicate tags

Other articles related to tagging best practices you may want to check out: 

How do I add and remove tags?


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