Why is the Excel export different from the Word version?

First, let's identify some important differences in how the Proposal was put into RFP360. 

Here are the different scenarios and how your Export options will be different:


1.  You've been invited to participate in an RFP or Profile directly through RFP360.  

2.  You've manually copied and pasted in your different Sections and Questions and NOT used the Word/PDF or Excel Import option. 

When you click on the Export tab in the upper right hand of the page, you'll see 2 choices.  If you've uploaded a template for your organization or created some custom Styles and fonts for Word, that's what you'd select for your Export.  Or if you want to Export back out into an Excel spreadsheet you have the that option too.

Excel and Word differ in many ways. If you are exporting your proposal, choose the export based on how you want your data.

  • Word is the most commonly-used export format. In this manner, we create a Word version of your Proposal and include all of the attached files (including images). This is great for storage or archiving.
  • Excel is great if you have another repository of common responses. Obviously, we save all of your responses in your account. But if you have your own system, you may want to export the responses in Excel so you can import them into your system.  
3.  If you've used any of our Import options your Export page will look different, and the default will be the Import format you started with - by design, since chances are you're wanting to Export back out into the Original anyway. 

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