What is an RFP template?

An RFP template can be used to create RFPs in short-order. An RFP template is a collection of sections. So you will want to create these re-usable sections first. 

Both RFP templates and sections are created and then available in the Library. 

But, if you write an RFP and want to save it as a template, you can do that as well. In the details page of your RFP, check out the right-hand side where you can save the entire RFP as a template in the Library.

If you would like to use a template you have already created when drafting a new RFP Section, simply click on Add Section in the lower left-hand corner of your RFP, then this page will come up.  Select the Use from Library tab at the top and Add Sections at the lower left-hand corner of the page. 

Also, another helpful piece of information that goes along with the Template is how to use Placeholders.


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