How do I add and remove tags?

How do I add a tag in RFP360?

Adding tags in RFP360 is easy! Anywhere you see the Tags Field, you can add a tag. 

Click into the field and start typing. If the tag already exists, select it from the drop-down that appears when you begin typing. If you're creating a new tag, continue typing and hit ENTER or a hard return on your keyboard when you've completed the tag. Make sure you save the item you're working on. 

How do I remove a tag in RFP360?

Removing tags in RFP360 is just as easy as adding them. Simply click the 'x' on the saved tag to remove it. make sure you save the item you're working on. 

Can I add and remove tags in bulk in the Knowledge Base?

Yes! You can use the Bulk Actions menu in the Knowledge Base to add and/or remove tags from multiple content entries at once. 

Watch the video below to see how to add tags in bulk: 

In the video below, we'll show you how to filter your Knowledge Base to show all entries that have NO TAGS assigned, then add a tag(s) to selected entries using the Bulk Actions menu.

Watch the video below to see how to remove tags in bulk:

To remove a tag from multiple Knowledge Base entries, filter by the tag, then use the Bulk Actions menu to remove a tag(s) in a single action. 

NOTE: Depending on the number of entries returned in your search, you may need to update the number of entries shown at the bottom of the page.


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