Can I see a log of my user activity?

Account administrators can track all the users in their account and view their session history. This means you can see who was in and when.

To get to the User Session tab by pressing the drop-down from your name on the top-left and then selecting Accounts. Then you will need to select the Account that you wish to configure.

From the Account Company page, select the tab, User Sessions:

On the User Sessions page you can:

Filter by any of the following:
  • First Name/Last Name:

    --Contains, ex: Cole
    --Equals, ex: Johnson
    --Begins with, ex: John 
    --Ends with, ex: son
    --Is not, ex: Smith

  • Logged In/Logged out:
--Is in the last [number] of days
--Is equal to [calendar date]
--Is before [calendar date]
--Is after [calendar date]
--Is between [calendar range]

You can sort A-Z or Z-A in the columns presented*: 
| User | Login Time | Logout Time | Browser |

Note that you have other options as tabs within your Company Account page:
For example did you know that you can also conform to your organization's security protocols by customizing your account’s number of failed login attempts allowed as well as the duration of the user’s lockout period. Find out more about security options here.

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