How do I manage reviewers for Knowledge Base content?

Why should I set up review cycles for my Knowledge Base content?

Assigning content to be reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is a great way to ensure that your Knowledge Base is kept up-to-date. This will prevent you, and other members of your team, from inadvertently responding with outdated information.

How do I assign Knowledge Base entries to be reviewed regularly by a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

You have two options for how you’d like to assign pieces of content to SMEs: individually or in bulk.

In both options, you will need to designate three things:
  1. Subject Matter Expert
  2. Initial review date*
  3. Review cycle frequency

*NOTE: If attempting to trigger the review process with a repeating review cycle ASAP, you must select tomorrow’s date. Selecting a date in the past, or the current date, will not trigger the review cycle immediately at this time.

Assigning Knowledge Base entries for review individually:

To assign an individual Knowledge Base entry to a SME for review, you’ll click into content and navigate to the Review tab.

Assigning Knowledge Base entries for review in bulk:

To assign multiples Knowledge Base entries to a SME for a review, you will select the desired content items and choose Manage Reviewers from the Bulk Action menu.

How is the SME notified that they need to review content?

RFP360 will send a notification email on the date of the initial review, and again every X months thereafter based upon the review cycle frequency specified.

The SME will also see content that is awaiting review on their Knowledge Base dashboard when logged into RFP360 after the email has been sent.

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