How do I add Vendor Companies and Contacts?

Part of your Implementation and set up of your account is adding Vendor's Companies and Contacts to RFP360 for when you are ready to Publish your RFP, RFI or Profile. 

Before you can invite contacts to an RFP, you'll need to add approved Companies and Contacts to your Vendor module. 

If you are an Administrator or Manager (or Contributor with the right permission) you can upload new Vendor Companies and Contacts. You can also add either  manually if you just have a few.
For manual add, look for the New Contact button in the Contacts page. You'll need to add the Company first, if it doesn't already exist. 

**Important Note**  As a best practice, it's always best to first add your Vendor Companies and then your Contacts afterwards, since you'll have a drop-down menu of your choice of Companies to choose from when adding Contacts. 

To add Companies, click on the Companies link on the left-hand side menu and the page will open with the orange button in the upper-right hand corner to Add. 

To add Contacts, go to the Contacts page in the same Vendors Module area. 

You can add Contacts individually using the New Contact button, or you can upload Contacts in bulk. For bulk uploads, click on the Upload Contacts link. 

Here's an example of the drop-down menu choices you have of Companies when adding a new, individual Contact.  This is why it's best to add the Companies first. 

Click on the first link to download the template. It is Excel and very simple to fill out. An example is below. When you are finished, save it and click to Upload the completed spreadsheet. 

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