I have a lot of Vendor Contacts. What's the best way to manage my list?

People change roles within a company or maybe move on to another company altogether.  How do you make sure your Vendor list is current or how do you make changes if the POC you've worked with for 2 years is no longer at your Vendor Contact? 

If you have a large pool of Vendor Contacts, there are many proactive steps you can take to make finding or updating their info easier in the future.  RFP360 also makes it a snap to see logs of prior correspondence with your various Vendors. 

To manage your contacts once created:

Click on any of your contact's links highlighted in blue on the main Contacts page. You can tell whether or not your contacts have been sent an email to participate in an RFP or RFI and whether or not they've responded and set up their account in RFP360 if the Registered column has a checked box underneath it.  If they're registered, chances are they've become actively involved at some point with one or more of your projects.  

Registered or not, here are the options and ways to manage the Contact once you click on their name. There are lots of fields you can edit and 3 tabs to choose from at the top.  This is where you can change or add meaningful tags to your Contacts. 

The Change Log tab shows a chronological list of all edits and changes made to your Contact and by whom. 


The Communication Log is a record of the emails and invites that have been sent to this Contact in chronological order. 

For each of your Vendor Profile Categories, the best way to search and find the Companies, Contacts or Profiles you want is to use the Filter options in the Action Panel to the right of each category's page.  Many Filters can be applied at once to quickly drill down on your lists. 

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