What are some bulk actions I can take with my Vendors?

To save a bit of time when you need to make a change or take action on multiple Vendors at once, you can choose from bulk actions. The bulk actions differ between Contacts, Profiles and Companies. 

When in the Vendors option in the main Action Panel on the left, select which Vendors category you wish to work on. Once your list opens up, check the box next to the NAME column, to select all available. In this example, we're working with the Companies category. 

Bulk Actions will appear and a number of total Companies that will be part of the action (4 SELECTED). In this example we have 3 actions we can take, Delete, Move Accounts, which is discussed later in this article and Manage Tags. 

If I want to assign a group of the same tags to all of my Companies at once, which helps group together and categorize them for later use and easy search, I can select MANAGE TAGS and this dialog box opens where I can make my entries. Likewise, I can delete tags I no longer want. 

The MOVE ACCOUNTS option is for those who have set up partitions or hierarchies already in their accounts, such as geographical locations, lines of service or specialties. In this account example, they've set up a parent account and 1 "child account" based on their global office location.

Selecting MOVE ACCOUNTS from the drop-down menu enables moving all content to the child account (Poole Consultants -West) to the parent (Poole Consultants. Simply select which child account and click Move these Vendors

For Profiles, these bulk actions are available:

And for Contacts there are also 2 bulk actions:

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